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  • Normas

      General Rules

      The abstracts shall be organized according to following editorial rules:

      1. All abstracts must be presented in good English and should be written according to the spelling rules. 
      2. Page setup shall be organized according to A4 size paper with the margins as 3.5 cm top, 3.5 cm bottom, 2.5 cm left and 2.5 cm right. 
      3. Abstracts shall be submitted as files of word processor (Winword). 
      4. Fonts of the text and the headlines shall be Times New Roman. 
      5. Abstract title shall be written centered with capital and bold letters of 16 point. It shall be short and descriptive of the content. 
      6. Abstract shall be written with not more than 2 pages providing brief information on the subject, importance, work done and results of your study for the sake of healthy reviewing. 
      7. Abstract shall be written justified in 12 point font and shall be given below the title by leaving one line blank. At least 4 keywords shall be given following the abstract by leaving one line blank. Subtitles in the text shall be bold and with an initial capital letter for any proper nouns of 12 point and the text font shall be of 12 point. The text shall be justified and single-spaced with no paragraph indents but one line shall be left blank between the paragraphs. 
      8. Special formats such as header, footer or heading shall not be used. 
      9. Throughout the abstract, only SI units shall be used. If it is a necessity to use other types of units the equivalence in SI units shall be indicated in brackets. 
      10. Acknowledgements shall be given before the references. 

      Figures, Tables and Equations

      1. All figures shall be provided in the possible highest resolution for the quality of the prints. 
      2. Titles of the figures shall be given below the figures centered in letters of 10 point. 
      3. Titles of the tables shall be left-aligned above the tables in letters of 10 point. 
      4. All kinds of equations shall be written on computer and left-aligned. 
      5. Equations must be numbered in the order of appearance and indicated in parentheses at the right. 
      6. Symbols used in the text are to be compatible for international usage; each symbol must be defined where they are used. 

      References - Citations

      1. References are to be given at the end of the text. 
      2. References must be numbered in order of appearance in the text; they shall be referred to in the text by inserting the numbers in [brackets]. 
      3. In accordance with the ethical rules, citations shall be indicated with quotation marks (“”) in the text and must be given among the references with a number. 
      4. References shall be given according to the following rules:

      - Author(s) Surname, Initial of the first name., (Year), Title of the paper, Journal Title, Vol, Issue, Page. (Journals)
      - Author(s) Surname, Initial of the first name., (Year), Book title, Publisher, Place. (Books)
      - Author(s) Surname, Initial of the first name., (Year), Title of the study, Congress or Congress Book Title. Page, Date, Place. (Congress)
      - Author(s) Surname, Initial of the first name. Title of the study, URL, Access date (Website)

      For Poster Presentations

      Posters should be written and presented in English. Poster presenters will hang their posters on to the poster displayboards provided by conference desk. The posters will be displayed during the entire conference. The posters will be presented orally in 5 minutes. For poster dimensions please click here.

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